Your animals are most comfortable in their own home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells. Our overnights include:

  • Free reports and photos
  • Daily walks
  • Feeding, watering
  • Plenty of playtime & snuggles
  • Medication administration
  • Poop or litter box cleanup
  • Mail/newspaper pickup
  • Plant care

                           1                        2
Dogs          $45/night    +$20
Puppy        $50/night   +$20
Cats            $30/night   +$10

*Contact us for multi-pet or long-term discounts, and for information on special needs pets, as well as for birds, reptiles and rodents.


Walks: We offer fun 30- and 45-minute dog walks that include: 

    • Free report with photo
    • Free water bowl refresh
    • Optional $5 add-on services: Brushing, feeding, fetch, meds

    30 minutes: $20
    45 minutes: $25

    Visits: Our 30- to 60-minute Potty & Play visits ease your pet’s wait for your homecoming. All visits include:

    • Free report with photo
    • Potty break/litter box scooping
    • Feeding, watering
    • Giving medication

         30 minutes: $20
         60 minutes: $25

    *Additional dogs are $5 each for walks and visits; additional cats are free. Surcharge of $5 applied for less than 24 hours’ notice.