VISITS: Potty & Play*

Our 30- to 60-minute Potty & Play visits ease your pet’s wait for your homecoming. All visits include:

  • Free report with photo
  • Potty break/litter box scooping
  • Feeding, watering
  • Giving medication
30 minutes $20
60 minutes $25

*Additional dogs are $5 each for visits; additional cats are free. Surcharge of $5 applied for less than 24 hours’ notice.

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Other Services

Check out our other pages for information on our dog walks and pet visits. Take a break from your regular routine and let us take the dog for a walk! Or if you’re stuck at work or just want a day away, we will visit and entertain your furry, feathery or scaled family.


Dog Walks: Vital to Health

Walking a dog isn’t just good for his or her physical health; it’s vital for canines’ mental and emotional health, too. Dogs need to smell their environment to pick up clues vital to their mental stimulation. They can read information in other critters’ urine such as reproductive status, physical well-being and even diet. It’s been called “pee-mail,” and it’s as important to them as Facebook, Instagram, texting and (gasp) even in-person contact is to us humans. 



Overnight Pet Sitting

 Enjoy your vacation or work trip knowing your pets are comfortable and safe with Ms. Stacy. We stay overnight in your home with your pets, feeding, walking and cleaning up after them and, of course, playing and snuggling with them. Ms. Stacy is naturally a homebody, and since being a petsitter is her main occupation, she will be there full time. Why kennel your animals, putting them at risk of contagious disease, fear, confinement and boredom? We send photo and text updates frequently, so you know your loved furry, feathered or scaled family members are in good hands.